The Courses

Across all of our courses, we teach you how to embrace and harness your creativity, build confidence on the salon floor, sharpen your technical skills, understand the importance of classic techniques such as lines, layering and graduation, and how these can be applied in flowing and elegant ways.

We show you how to think holistically during the consultation process, take into account growth patterns of hair, facial structure, head shape and suitability for every client sat in your chair. We teach how to visualise and plan your haircut in the mind, apply a clean internal structure and how to break this into parts to comply with execution of the desired movement of the finished look. We provide direction and tips on how to relax your body and mind during the haircut, so you flow harmoniously with the creation of your hair shape.

All of our courses include an interactive demonstration performed by Frances, and workshop sessions where each participant can gain direct practical experience under the close guidance of the Educator. All courses can include barbering skills.

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A course outlining the fundamental principles of precision hair cutting, and explores in detail the foundations central to this, such as layering, lines and graduation. Includes classic Barbering techniques.

Teaching around the application and deconstruction of classic methods. With the addition of advanced techniques to enhance your creative repertoire, in turn giving you the confidence to add new and fresh styling to your options for your clients.

Custom Build
This course recognises the diverse and interchangeable set of skills utilised to produce contemporary precision haircuts. Through this course we offer bespoke education to individuals and groups of up to 6 people, with each person's area of interest and skill level built into the delivery of the interactive demonstration and workshops.

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